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Serving the horse community for over 20 years, I are dedicated to treating your horses as if they were my own and I offer a wide range of services to provide your horse with the highest quality of care

Preventive Health Care
Core and risk dependent vaccinations tailored to your horses' needs; Parasite control; Annual physical and oral examinations.

Good oral health for your horse can result in a longer and healthier life.  I offer routine dental care, including routine floating, wolf tooth extraction, extractions of caps

General Medicine and Lameness Evaluation

Health Certificates and Regulatory Blood work:

EIA (Coggins), Piroplasmosis, health certificates for travel, sale or competition

Mobile Ultrasound and Radiography

Reproductive Services:
Ultrasound, breeding soundness examinations, uterine culture, cytology, biopsy, prepartum & postpartum services, including "well foal" examinations, artificial insemination, uterine lavage,

Chiropractic Care:
Regular chiropractic care can help maintain your horse at its physical best, whether it's an elite equine athlete, a weekend trail horse or somewhere in between.

Diagnostic and Lab Procedures:
Most Lab services are submitted by me, personally to an outside lab

Ambulatory Emergency Care:
We offer ambulatory emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Surgery Services:
Routine Castrations, Caslick's, Laceration repair, mass removal

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment.

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